Art Direction / Design
In my current role at PAT McGRATH LABS, I am responsible for digital art direction and design for promotions and product launches. My responsibilities include conceptualizing and creating visual assets for the website, email campaigns, and paid advertisements. I work closely with the team to ensure our creative direction aligns seamlessly with Pat McGrath’s vision. Additionally, I oversee the design strategy and process for email marketing in collaboration with the CRM team.

Star Wars™ x Pat McGrath Labs
Pat McGrath Labs and Star Wars™ reunited to create a Limited Edition Collector’s Case, launched alongside the re-release of the 2022 Pat McGrath Labs x Star Wars™ collection.

Star Wars™ Wars x Pat McGrath Labs Special Edition Collector’s Kit  |  Homepage Takeover
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Star Wars™ Wars x Pat McGrath Labs Special Edition Collector’s Kit  |   Collection Page

MatteTrance™ Lipstick Marc Jacobs Edition
A limited-edition release from PAT McGRATH LABS, crafted by Pat to commemorate Marc Jacobs' legendary 40th anniversary in fashion.

MatteTrance™ Lipstick Marc Jacobs Edition  |  Homepage Takeover

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Dramatique Mega Lip Pencil
In late May 2024, Pat McGrath Labs unveiled the Dramatique Mega Lip Pencil, available in 12 vivid shades. This product merges the rich performance of a lipstick with the convenience of a pencil, making it ideal for precise defining, shading, and shaping of the lips.

Dramatique Mega Lip Pencil  |   Homepage Takeover
Dramatique Mega Lip Pencil  |  E-spot
Dramatique Mega Lip Pencil  |   Collection Page
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